FECĀ (Faecal Egg Counts)
To find out worm burden levels. We recommend a bulk test for this (25-30 sheep, 10-15 cattle) to give a better indication on a mob’s average.

FECRT (Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test)
An FEC pre-drenching followed by a second FEC 14 days post-drenching to ascertain how effective the drench has been. Once again, using bulk samples.

Drench Check
A bulk FEC is carried out pre-drench, then 10-15 individual animals are tested in the second test. This alleviates the potential of any animals that may have missed being drenched distorting a bulk test result.

Drench Efficiency Test
In this test, individual actives and combinations are used to get a more informative picture of what is occurring on a property. These are carried out using the same format as the Drench Check. Larval Cultures are also done to identify the worm species involved and how effective the actives have been on them.

Larval Cultures
Eggs are hatched, the worm species are identified, and the percentage is calculated of each species found within the sample.

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Integrated Parasite Management Plans (IPMP)
Farm specific plans to manage parasites on a property. These are designed to minimise the risk of drench resistance, or overcome it, while formulating plans and actions to help minimise costs and increase returns to maximise profits.

General advice
All of our result reports contain general advice and information relating to the findings. 

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