What We Do

Parascope is a fully independent service specialising in testing and advising on parasite control programs for production animals. We do not sell drenches, we’re here to help farmers get the best results when it comes to parasite control on their properties. This includes timing and which drench to use, altering farm systems or pasture species to help minimise parasite burden.

Why We Do It

With the onset of drench resistance, it is now even more important for farmers to make the right choices while limiting the detrimental effect on production. Parascope knows how drench actives work, the quality of those actives and the formulation which makes up the product. All have major impacts on what products suit a farmer’s particular situation or farm.

The overarching consideration is testing. The more information you have, the more effective your decisions and actions will be.

What We Have To Offer

Parascope, has the knowledge on parasitology, farm systems and products in the market place. We use New Zealand made, world leading, cloud-based technology for our testing which gives us robust information to help clients make informed, practical decisions.

Every farm is different. Our constant communication with other parasitologists and researchers, both in New Zealand and Australia, keeps us informed on the latest research and developments.

We are proud of what we have achieved in assisting farmers in positive ways by increasing production and profitability.

Being independent (we are not affiliated to any drench manufacturer or supplier) we consider only what is best for our clients on an individual basis.

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